Worst Early 2000’s Jewelry Trends

   The 2000s gave us many great things, like the movie Mean Girls and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” It was a simpler time for millennials and generation z folks, since many of them were in grade school. The first decade of the twenty-first century gave us many memorable fashion trends, and of course, not all of them were good (*cough cough* shutter shades). Bad trends showed up in clothes, hairstyle, and especially accessories. In fact, we believe that the ones we’re about to list are crimes against jewelry.

1. Rubber Bracelets (also called Jelly Bracelets)

   Photo from Beautybay.com’s Twitter

   These things look cheap, there’s no way around it. We understand that it’s no crime to want to save money on accessories, but come on, it just looks like you decided to wear a rubber band, ‘cause you did! Also, these were apparently signals meaning that you were down to fool around, and each color represented a different sexual act. Hopefully not many middle schoolers of the decade knew that. As if these cheap thot bracelets weren’t bad enough, the next trend is worse.


2. Fingernail Rings

   Photo from StepFeed (from their “8 nail trends that need to die ASAP” article, fancy that!)

   Okay, in terms of looks, fingernail rings aren’t that bad. They look a bit weird, but the reason they’re on this list is due to practicality. These things destroy your nails, there’s literally a hole in the nail, which may cause the nail to break apart, which hurts like the dickens! Plus, think about how often you use your hands, these things are guaranteed to fall off your hand. Thought these sucked? Well, crappy jewelry can go on the lower body too.


3. Anklets

   Photo from Bustle

   Okay, these aren’t that bad either, but they itch. That ankle bracelet would be cute on the wrist, and it’s actually kind of cute. A better leg accessory would be a garter on the upper thigh or above the knee, it’s much sexier and doesn’t itch like crazy. The next trend is not remotely sexy. 


4. Pukka Shell Necklace

   Photo taken from Gayest Store on Earth (ironically these would have been in style back when using gay as an insult was acceptable)

   All right, looks-wise this one’s not that great. It’s a bunch of squares on a string. It looks nice on basic surfer dudes, but literally no one else. Wearing this if you’re not beachy is like wearing yoga pants and running shoes even though you’re a couch potato, it sends mixed signals. Are you allowed to do it? Yes, absolutely, but in both cases your fashion is a lie! 

   The 2000s gave us lots of great entertainment, and some fashion trends from the time were great, like capri pants and V-neck tops. However, it should come as no surprise that every item on this list is from the same era where skirts over jeans were in style. All these accessories are impractical, uncomfortable and just all-around unattractive. Which one is the worst? Also, did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!