Why Stud Earrings Are the Best Gift

The holidays are coming quicker than you think and so is the need to buy presents for your friends and family. Getting things for everyone can be stressful; there might be picky people in your inner circle, there’s pressure to get your loved ones something nice, and then there are those people who say “I don’t care” when asked what they want. We all know that they do care, and that a good gift for them and anyone with pierced ears are stud earrings. Stud earrings are a wonderful present because they are a useful and aesthetically pleasing gift.

1. They’re small 

As kids we loved seeing big presents under the Christmas tree, but as we grow up we have to start thinking about what items deserve so much space. When a gift is small, it doesn’t take up much space in the recipient’s home. Although big jewelry is nice, it does clog your jewelry box. Even if the one getting the studs doesn’t ever wear them, they at least don’t crowd the house. However, a pair of stud earrings being completely useless is not likely. 

2. They’re practical 

So many workplaces forbid large earrings for both safety and appearance-related reasons. A tiny pair of earrings will violate almost no dress code rule, even if the design is a little more whimsical (ex. Unicorn, kid show character, etc). Plus, they are less risky than big earrings. As wonderful as a big pair of hoop earrings can be, they can get caught on various objects such as plants, store fixtures, or in the wearer’s hair. Even if a stud gets tangled in your hair, it won’t be hard to remove. Also, big earrings tend to weigh more, which hurts the ears. Stud earrings are quite functional and equally fashionable. 

3. They’re just plain cute! 

Come on, do you honestly know a person who hates this style? Stud earrings are adorable, and they look good by themselves and in any piercing, whether it’s a double piercing or any hole in the cartilage. Plus, studs look cute with just about anything in your closet.

4. They’ll go with just about everything

A pair of studs can match so many outfits, especially if it’s a neutral color jewel like a pearl or diamond. Seriously, we challenge you to name a color that looks bad with a diamond or pearl. Even if your studs are a color that’s not a neutral or present in your outfit, it won’t be all that noticeable, or it will be a cute and subtle splash of color. A pearl or diamond stud is great for any occasion, whether you’re going to a celebrity gala or just feel like wearing jewelry with your sweatpants. 

Whether the holidays, someone’s birthday, or your anniversary is coming up, a nice pair of stud earrings will be ideal for the occasion. Since stud earrings are so wearable and adorable, anyone you give them to will be happy to receive them. If you’d like to find some high-quality ones for someone in your life, take a look at our stud earrings section.