Ways to Mix Up Your Accessories

   When it comes to fashion, there are few things worse than a style rut. As much as we love the pieces in our wardrobe, we can wear them too often. The easiest solution is to get new pieces, but that’s not always realistic. We may not always have the time and money to bulk up our wardrobe, but we have a few tips on using the accessories you do have to help spice up your look. Bonus: many of these tips are applicable to clothes.


1. Layer the bracelets

   Have a bracelet you wear with almost every outfit? You can still wear it, just add a bunch of other bracelets to it. This way it will look like a bangle rather than a standalone piece. People’s eyes will be drawn away from your usual bracelet, but you still get to wear your favorite jewelry. You can also switch up your earrings.


2. Asymmetrical earrings

   Earrings come in pairs, but that doesn’t mean that they have to match. Sometimes earrings come in packs of similar-looking pairs. For example, you may have bought a pack of pearl earrings, each a different color. You could wear a white pearl in one ear and a black one in the other, which would look hella cute with a black and white outfit. Don’t think that this trick is limited to earrings of the same size, you could also wear a stud and a long earring as well. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll find new style possibilities with the next option too.


3. Take out the stuff you rarely wear

   Even though you never wear it, you still keep it around, so give yourself a reason to keep it! If you’ve got a necklace you almost never wear, build your next outfit around it. The atypical accessory choice may lead to a combo of clothing you wouldn’t have arranged otherwise. Accessories can change an outfit, and so can lack thereof.


4. Wear fewer accessories

   If you don’t wear something too often, you can’t overwear it. However, we get that some of our readers (and writers) feel naked without jewelry. If you have no necklace, wear bigger earrings. No rings? Wear a lot of bracelets or the biggest ones you have. You could also use bold non-jewelry accessories, like scarves, hats, or bags. Make sure you don’t wear these out (pun absolutely intended) as well.


5. Accessory Schedule

   If you’re worried that you wear something too often, then don’t! Instead of wearing something every other day, wear it weekly. Wear something every day? Cut it down to every other day and so on. You can also do this with clothing to further prevent your style rut.

   Style ruts suck, but accessories are only one of many preventative measures and cures. Buying new stuff will always be our favorite way to end a style rut, but it isn’t the only way. You don’t always have to buy new things to make new outfits; timing, pairing, and even wearing less can create the illusion of a larger closet and jewelry box.