Should You Get a Stackable Engagement Ring?

   No matter what your views on marriage are, we all can agree that finding an engagement ring is hard. They can get pricey, there are half a million diamond cuts to choose from, a bunch of possible metals, and you have to keep your partner’s tastes in mind. You’d be here all year if we were to talk about every single style there is, so we’re just going to focus on one style of ring, which is the stackable ring. As lovely as these are, they may or may not be for you. 


What’s a stackable ring?

   A stackable ring is one ring that is made up of two or more rings. The rings can be worn separately or together, and be different metals and gems. If you would like a visual and chance to get a stackable ring for yourself, you can go to our stackable ring section. If you’d like to know you should get one for you or your partner, keep reading. 


You should if……


You like mixing up your look

   Ever feel like a large diamond is too much to wear with a casual ensemble? If you have three small diamonds, you can just wear a little jewel with your outfit. Also, you could wear only two of the three rings if you feel like one of the jewels looks out of place with your clothes. Out of place or not, stackable rings still stand out.


You want something less traditional

   Usually, an engagement ring is one larger ring and not multiple smaller ones. Two or the tiny rings will make your jewelry stand out among the other rings. To make it even less traditional, mix up the jewels and metal too.


You want multiple gems or metals

   Can’t choose between a diamond and a less traditional rock? Then don’t! With stackable rings, you can have a diamond on one section, a ruby on the other, and then have another ring to do whatever you please with, including making the metal different from the other two. You could have three gold rings and each one be a different type of gold. The possible combinations are endless but might be a bit overwhelming to those who prefer something more conventional.


You should not if… 


You lose jewelry easily

   At least with a single ring you’ve only got one thing to lose. Stackable rings offer three parts to scatter in and out of the house. Yes, you’ll still be able to wear part of the ring, but it just isn’t the same as the multiple ring look. Also, some people don’t care for the multiple ring look. 


Like a more classic look

   We love three-part rings, but single ones are beautiful too. There’s a reason why a wide-banded diamond ring is standard for wedding rings, and that reason is it’s simply gorgeous and is a loud announcement of the love between two people. A three-ring piece looks like everyday jewelry, which is fine to some folks, but not all. 


   We love so many styles of rings, but of course, not all rings are created equal. Stackable rings look amazing for weddings or for if you just want jewelry. They’re not everyone’s thing though, and we understand. If you’re more for challenging the wedding jewelry norms, the stackable ring might be for you; but if you’re more comfortable with one big gem, then stick with the single ring.