Should You Get a Solitaire or Multiple Gem Ring?

Getting an engagement ring is a big deal no matter who you are. You have to factor in many details, such as metal color, ring size, and many other style and cost elements. One notable part of your ring is the number of gems. You may want a bunch, just one, or none at all. If you can’t stand the thought of a gemless ring, then the question you have to ask yourself is: Do I want a solitaire or a multiple gem ring?

What is a solitaire ring?

Think of solitaire like solitary. A solitaire ring is a ring with only one jewel, which is quite common. However, it is only one of many styles available on the engagement ring market.

What is a multiple gem ring?

Easy. A ring with multiple gems. They can be big or little, but there’s got to be two or more. A common side stone is the half-moon cut diamond. Multiple gem rings can have side stones or have the rest of the ring with jewels built into it. Both single and multiple gem rings are beautiful, but you need to know what you want out of a ring before you buy either.

You should get a solitaire ring if….

You don’t want to deal with as many gems falling out

If you have side stones or have the ring encrusted with tiny gems, more rocks could come out of your rings. The gem may be too small to find, which could mean that you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace it. Plus, this could mean more maintainence. Also, not everyone likes how a cluster of gems looks.

You Prefer Simplicity

As much as we love bling, there is something classy about a ring with only one stone. Also, one big gem can look a lot more luxurious than a few little ones. Also, you can technically get single-stone stackable engagement rings, so you can have solitaire simplicity while looking multiple gem fabulous. Also, depending on the size and quality, you could end up paying less for a solitaire ring. As much as we love understated elegance, we also love obvious glamour.

You should get a multiple gem ring if…

You want to mix up the style

You could potentially have different color jewels on your ring. If you want different color diamonds or different kinds of gems, have at it! You can also get different cuts and sizes of gems too. You could get stackable rings in this variety too, although the jewels will likely be much smaller. However, this takes a bit more responsibility.

Are okay with a little extra upkeep

As we mentioned earlier, multiple gems = multiple gems potentially falling from your ring. Also, it means more gem polishing. However, such beauty is worth it. A ring is an announcement of you and your partner’s union, so isn’t it worth a bit of care?

Everyone at Goldie’s Jewelry firmly believes that every couple deserves the perfect engagement ring. As important as a nice wedding band is, you do need to be careful what style you choose. Whether you want one or a bunch of gems, we wish you the best of luck on your big day and even more luck throughout your marriage.