Pros and Cons of the Calf Diamond

As much as we love classic diamond shapes, let’s be honest, sometimes classic is just another word for “done to death.” Yes, we don’t get tired of the brilliant round’s majesty and plentiful shine, but we have to admit they are kind of basic. If you want to keep the tradition and color of a diamond but still break from the norms, the calf diamond may be for you. This many-sided diamond is marvelous, and you’ll have a cow over this calf diamond (in a good way).

What is a calf diamond?

G.S. Diamond Ltd. defines the calf cut as “a modified Trapezoid shape with an additional side.” It looks like a triangle with the points cut off. It is shaped something like a cone and looks similar to the trillion diamonds, but they do not have the pointed tips like the trillions. The name comes from their similarity to a calf head, and a pair of calf diamonds is a popular choice for side stones. They make wonderful main stones too, and there are perks to both styles.

Some Designs


18 Karat Yellow Gold and Platinum Diamond Calf’s Head-Cut Kunzite Ring, Sold on

This is an example of the calf diamond being used as a center stone, which takes full advantage of the cut’s unique nature. Also, that white and gold is a beautiful combo.