Our Top 5 Colored Diamonds

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   Diamonds are gorgeous and will never go out of style, however, they have stopped being unique. Yes, they’re a girl’s best friend and are synonymous with elegance, but they are pretty standard when it comes to wedding rings. If you want an unusual wedding ring but still want the timelessness of a diamond, here’s the solution: don’t get a white one. Diamonds come in many different colors, and here’s a few of our favorites.

1. Black

   Your inner scene/goth/emo kid will love it! However, you don’t have to be edgy to like a dark gem. The color (or absence of it) is symbolic of sophistication, mystery, and nighttime. Black is a neutral color that will go with all your outfits and the ring will stand out among all the white diamonds. If you would like a nontraditional gem and to suppress your inner goth, maybe you’ll like the next color. 

2. Gray

   This is another neutral color that will still stand out when put next to other stones. It’s not as dark as the black diamond, but it is still sleek and sophisticated. It looks best with a silver wedding band and comes in all levels of gray from a pale tint to charcoal. As lovely as gray diamonds are, many people see gray as a boring color. If gray and black aren’t vibrant enough for you, you’ll like the next options.

3. Purple

   You’ll have all the class of a diamond, but none of the normality if the diamond is purple. This option comes in many shades that range from lavender to royal purple. Also, purple is a color associated with gay pride, so this is perfect for same-sex weddings. However, a fabulous ring is for all weddings, since purple represents royalty and luxury too. 

4. Pink

   One of the most common Valentine’s Day colors is also one of the best wedding ring colors. Pink represents peace, affection, and friendship, all of which are great in romance and other relationships. It’s red (the color of passion) mixed with white (the color of purity). One could argue that the color combo represents pure passion. Pro tip: this color will look best with a heart cut. However, what color isn’t pretty when it’s in a heart shape?

5. Orange

   This bright color will break the diamond tradition but keep all the elegance of a typical wedding ring. Orange is a mix of yellow and red, colors which represent sunshine and passion. One color for the wedding day, the other for the wedding night, are we right? Orange itself is symbolic of energy, warmth, and joy, three things every marriage needs. 

   Diamonds look fabulous in every color, but some shades stand out more than others.These five colors come in light, dark, and medium shades and look amazing for any wedding. Every relationship is unique, and couples should have a diamond to match their bond. As much as we love a classic white diamond, we won’t deny that colored stones catch our eye a little more.