Our Top 5 Celeb Engagement Rings

   Celebrity marriages may not always be successful, but the diamonds never fail to amaze the general public. Although the folks here at Goldie’s Jewelry love engagement rings, not all of them are created equal. The huge size, extravagance, and uniqueness, and sky-high prices of these celebrity rings make them stand out among the rest.

1. Lady Gaga

(Photo from E! News)

   Engagement rings aren’t always made with diamonds; the stone in the photo is a lovely pink sapphire. This ring was given to Lady Gaga by former fiance, Christian Carino. As if the unconventional jewel wasn’t enough, it’s surrounded by a bunch of tiny stones, which beautifully frames the center. According to E!, the ring is priced at about $400,000. However, the fact that such a beauty costs so much should come as no surprise.

2. Nicki Minaj

(photo from Hola!)

   All right, this one may not have been an engagement ring, but it did start rumors of Minaj’s engagement to Meek Mill, the man who gave her this lovely yellow heart, so it counts! This yellow diamond is nothing less than exquisite. Like Gaga’s ring, this one is surrounded by a beautiful bunch of small gems, which makes the focal point look even more glamorous. Her actual engagement ring was a cushion-cut white diamond. Although we love a good non-traditional ring, we also love a classic one. 

3. Kim Kardashian

(photo from Us Magazine)

   This giant, 20 carat, emerald-cut beauty was given to Kim Kardashian by none other than Kanye West. Us estimates Ms. Kardashian-West’s ring at ten million dollars and says that the ring is under the class of D Flawless, which describes less than two percent of the world’s diamonds. This ring is practically all gem, but the next on our list prominently features the ring’s band.

4. Fergie

(photo from E! Online)

   This stunner was given to the Black Eyed Peas member by Josh Duhamel. E! Online states that this wide gold ring is four carats and comes from the luxurious jeweler, H. Stern. The pointed pattern on the metal makes the round cut diamond looks like the center of the sun. As much as we love a bright look, the last ring on the list has a dark appeal to it.

5. Victoria Beckham

(photo from diamond-heaven.co.uk)

   The eighth in her collection of fourteen engagement rings, and the final one in our top five is Victoria Beckham’s giant sapphire. Bustle claims that his giant blue rock is worth over $544,000, ironically making it one of the cheaper, but certainly not less glamorous rings on this list. This dark blue sapphire is definitely a standout in Beckham’s fourteen-strong collection.

   People may say celebrities are just like us, but their engagement rings are anything but ordinary. Even when famous people have more classic gems, they still stick out in the best way possible. These rings have enviable size, quality, and designs that cost as much if not more than a house, but still look priceless.