Lesser Known Rocks You’ll Instantly Want in Your Jewelry Box

   When someone says jewels, people may instantly think of diamonds and pearls, or other standard gems. However, there are hundreds of rock varieties that would make a fabulous necklace, pair of earrings or even an engagement ring. If your favorite gem is a more well-known one like a sapphire or emerald, you may have a few new favorites by the time you’re through this list. 


1. Citrine 

   (photo from Gem Rock Auctions)

   Citrine is a gem that can be yellow or orange in color. These warm colors would look great with a summer outfit. Heck, a rock this lovely would look good with anything. Citrine is a great gem to use if you want a nontraditional wedding ring. The image is a teardrop cut, and citrine would look awesome in any cut. This would also be a pretty focal point for a necklace, earring, or a ring. In fact, Goldie’s carries some citrine jewelry like this stackable ring. If you aren’t a fan of yellow and orange, then the next stone on the list may fit your preferences.


2. Tourmaline 

   (Photo from GeologyIn.com “Tourmaline: Species and Color Varieties”)

   Not only does tourmaline come in multiple colors, but some varieties have more than one color in a single stone. All these different textures and hues will make for a good versatile wardrobe. You could have a different type of tourmaline for every occasion and outfit. For example, that paraiba in the picture would look best with a simple black dress for a more formal occasion, while the liddicoatite may be more suitable for a casual ensemble. The style possibilities are endless. We carry tourmaline jewelry, like this pink tourmaline ring. If none of these are for you, you might like the next rock. 


3. Peridot 

   (Photo from GIA.edu)

   Those who like emeralds may also love peridots, they’re like emerald but lighter. Like citrine, this pastel gem will look great with a summery outfit or light colored band. However, it’s hard for a gem this fabulous not to pair well with anything. It’s a must-have for any jewelry box, which is why we can’t help but carry peridot jewelry, notably in the form of this stackable ring.


4. Spinel

   (Photo from Gemsociety.org “Spinel Value, Price, and Jewelry Information”)

   Spinels come in all the colors in the above picture. The ruby-esque gem is perfect for any piece of jewelry or really anything you want jewel-encrusted. The coloring for these beauties can be both natural and artificial. The International Gem Society points out that cobalt blue is a common factory-made spinel color. Even though the colors can be fake, the glamour is always real. 

   We love a typical diamond, but we also love these less talked about gems. After all, most gems don’t give you two colors on one rock. These would make beautiful wedding rings, or beautiful accessories for any other occasion. Did any of you know about these gems before seeing them on our list? Also, what was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!