Jewelry Hacks that Make You Look Fitter

We’ve all heard of clothing hacks that make you look skinnier, but did you know that jewelry can do the same? Although visual illusions with jewelry are often overlooked, its ability to flatter the wearer should come as no surprise. With careful selection of the accessories’ placement and style, you can look slimmer and trimmer (maybe even more than you already are).

1. Choker necklaces emphasizes neck slenderness

If your neck is already slender, draw attention to it! A necklace is essentially a belt for your neck, and belts make the waist look smaller. A choker does the same to your neck, and sometimes it makes your neck look longer especially if it’s a wide-neck at the bottom of a double-chin. Many people are insecure about their neck size, but drawing attention to your neck may help you break away from said insecurity. The next hack may do the same.

2. Waist chain to make the waist look slimmer

All right, we admit it. A waist chain is basically a belt, but let us explain. Waist chains don’t really hold up pants, they are just a bunch of jewelry chain links big enough to fit around your stomach. They can be worn over clothing (ideally a dress), or on bare skin. Waist chains look especially cute with crop tops, and they draw attention to the smallest part of your midsection, which makes you look thinner. Depending on your body type, it may even direct the eye toward your abs. Jewelry can show off your gains, and has more ways of making buyers look smaller.

3. Emerald cut diamonds have a slimming effect

Emerald cuts are long and rectangular, which makes the fingers look skinnier. If the emerald cut is wider than the finger, bonus points. It may not be easy to lose weight specifically in the hands––but size may be due to swelling and inflammation––but jewelry can certainly make them look like it is. Side note: whether or not a ring you’ve had for a while fits is a good test of swelling. However, the next trick may make you look more swole.

4. Wrist bands to slim the wrist

When your bracelets are more form-fitting, they make your wrists look smaller, which gives the appearance of smaller arms. Most bracelets are made to be away from the wrists, which makes the area look larger (not that we don’t like a good cuff or bangle). Like the waist chain, they may just bring even more attention to your muscles. However, be careful with tighter bracelets so that they don’t cut off your circulation.

We are all more than capable of using clothes to make us look better, why shouldn’t we do the same with accessories? Some cuts of jewelry, placement of gems, and tighter pieces create the illusion of a fitter wearer, or just remind those passing you of your level of fitness. Regardless of how flattering all these tips are, be sure that your jewelry box is full of pieces that make you feel confident, even if they don’t exactly follow these guidelines.