Is the Straight Trillion Diamond for You?

   Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, including the pyramid. When people hear the word diamond, they may think of the classic brilliant round shape, which is a nice cut, but one less unique than the straight trillion. Straight trillion diamonds are beautiful, and there are more reasons than their appearance to get them, but they still may not be for you. 


What is a straight trillion?

   A trillion cut is a triangular diamond. It is also called the “trillion,” “trilliant,” or the “triangle diamond.” As the name implies, the straight trillion cut is a tetrahedron stone with straight edges. calls it “a variety of the triangular brilliant diamond,” which has a rounder table and is shaped more like a cone. A trillion cut without straight lines is called a curved trillion, and each tip is usually not as pointy as the straight trillion. The straight’s sharp design is ideal for many buyers, particularly those who want to make a statement.


Upsides of the Straight Trillion

   The International Gem Society (IGS) says that the face-up area of a trillion cut on average is twelve percent bigger than a brilliant round, which makes the whole ring look bigger. Plus, the cut is a less common style, which will make your rock stand out among the others. If you’d like your trillion to be even more head-turning, get a colored diamond instead of the standard white or use a nontraditonal metal like rose gold for the ring. As stunning as the straight trillion is, they are far from the perfect cut for many folks. 


Downsides of the straight trillion

   The IGS admits that straight trillions are an uncommon cut, which makes them hard to find, which means spending more time and potentially money looking for the ring. Also, pointy corners can break off, and trillion cuts have many sharp areas that make breakage more likely. In addition to the fragility, the Engagement Ring Bible points out that because straight trillions have less depth than other cuts, they aren’t as shiny. Any diamond cut has its pros and cons, and buying the proper one can minimize the downsides.


Tips on how to shop for straight trillions 

   The Engagement Ring Bible says to never buy an asymmetrical trillion. Uneven proportions could lead to the ring’s prongs being unable to grasp it and have the ring look cheap. The ring should also have V-prongs or a bezel to protect the vulnerable tips. The Engagement Ring Bible also advises readers to see if your straight trillion comes with free maintenance too. Since trillions are so hard to find, they suggest going to a smaller jeweler since they are more likely to have a niche cut than an established chain. 

   The straight trillion makes any wearer look like a quadrillion bucks. Despite its amazing aesthetic, it does not fit everyone’s standards due to its tradition-defying shape and breakable edges. If you choose the lovely straight trillion diamond, make sure the structure of the ring supports the gem and that you’re prepared to maintain the rock.