How to Get Rid of Jewelry Rust

   Nothing cramps your jewelry style like rust, it’s aesthetically unattractive and eats away at your bling. Not only does rust ruin your jewelry, but the rust flakes can get on both your skin and clothing, which can stain both. Luckily, these problems are both curable and preventable. 

1. Get high quality metal 

   High quality metal is less prone to corrosion and rust. Gold cannot react with oxygen, which makes rusting almost impossible. Metals like silver and gold may cost more, but it’s an investment. You’ll likely never have to replace gold, silver, or other precious metals. Goldie’s sell plenty of high-quality rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Now that we’ve got our shameless self-promotion out of the way, let’s move on to our next tip.

2. Watch the what your jewelry touches

   Zerust Products, a company dedicated to selling anti-rust technology, advises jewelry owners to not leave their rings on paper, wood, or cardboard. Make sure that the container or room the jewelry is in is at room temperature. Also, put your accessories in an area that gets little air, so that oxygen does not react with it. Make sure your hands are dry when handling your metals too, for water also causes rust. Not only can you stop your jewelry from rusting, you can scrub off the rust after it happens.

3. Home Remedies

   Even if you take care of your jewelry, it can still rust, and the remover for said rust might be right in your cabinet. Seattle Green Cleaner suggests sprinkling salt on the damaged metal and then soaking the spot in lime juice. After a few hours, scrub off the mix with the lime peel. Don’t have salt and lime? Then scrub the rust with water and baking soda. You can find all sorts of home remedies not only in your kitchen, but also in your makeup bag.

4. Clear Nail polish

   The colorless coating provides a protective layer against oxygen and water, which will help it last longer. This tip is ideal for use on cheap metals, specifically for rings that turn your fingers black or green. It protects against rust and gives your accessories a shinier, more polished look. Not everyone has clear nail polish, but hopefully you all have access to running water.

5. Get rid of even the smallest bit

   Once you see the tiniest patch of rust, make it go away. Industrial Metal Supply Co. says that an easy way to do this is to wash off the rust with soap and water. To be safer, use a metal conditioner. The rust can’t spread once its gone. 

   Rust ruins your jewelry’s look and longevity, which is why you should get it off your accessories as quick as you can. It makes your jewelry look old, and not in a cute vintage way. As great of care as you may take of your jewelry or as much as we don’t always feel like cleaning, we have to do it. Rust may make your jewelry unwearable. Think about it, would you rather spend a few minutes cleaning or a few bucks on a new ring? With all these tips, you won’t have to do the latter, and you can used your beloved necklaces, rings, and bracelets to complete many outfits for years to come.