Let’s Talk About Emerald Cut Diamonds

   If you want all the glamour and some of the tradition of a diamond ring, then an emerald cut diamond may be for you. Emerald cut diamonds have a nontraditional rectangular shape as opposed to your typical round jewel. Its intricate cut has gained popularity over recent years and is one that we believe will never go out of style.

So what exactly is an emerald cut diamond?

   Well, according to pop culture, it’s the style of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding ring. However, emerald cut diamonds date back to the twentieth century during the Art Deco era, which was an aesthetic fad that valued straight lines. An emerald cut diamond is shaped like a rectangle and has smooth corners. They can get mixed up with asscher cut diamonds, which look similar but are more square-shaped. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) states that an emerald cut diamond has at least forty-nine facets. The International Gem Society (IGS) says that all these details give emerald cuts “an entrancing hall of mirrors effect.” Although it seems impossible to find a downside to a diamond ring, there are ups and down of emerald cut diamonds. 


   Let’s be honest, the biggest pro of an emerald-style diamond is how vintage and classy it looks. After all, how does a diamond anything look less than classy? The unique cut will set your engagement ring apart from the other gems. As gorgeous as an emerald cut diamond is, they are some of the cheaper ones on the jewelry market, and sadly that price comes from their lower quality. 


   Despite its pretty shape, the GIA states that the emerald style does not mask any of the stone’s flaws because of its lengthy cuts, and that the flaws are more clear in lower quality diamonds. Stop Blood Diamonds adds to this point by stating that the cut offers less sparkle, which may mean less glamour, depending on how much you like shine. Plus this lower-grade cut shows the diamond’s color, which could be yellowish. If you’re into that, great! However, most people like their diamonds clear, and emerald cuts may not allow that. 

How Do I shop for one?

   The GIA is here to help too; the organization says to keep the four C’s in mind, which are carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, and cut grade. Carat weight simply measures the diamond’s weight and size, and bigger is usually better. Color grade determines its purity, while cut is the shape into which the gem is fashioned. GIA defines clarity is the “absence of inclusions and blemishes.” When shopping for diamonds, use these four C’s and aim as high as you can on each one. 

   Emerald cut diamonds may not be one of the shinier gem styles, but it is one of the more bold and classic ones. It is also one of the less pricey cuts on the market, and be aware of the factors that go into its lower cost; be sure to have high standards when shopping for any gems. If you have an emerald cut that scores high in all the four C’s, then it‘s bound to get you compliments and make you (or your girlfriend or boyfriend) feel elegant.