Best Nontraditional Wedding Gems

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   Goldie’s may sell diamond rings, but we don’t think they’re the only way to go when it comes to engagement. As much as we love a good diamond wedding ring, we also love breaking tradition. A perfect way to deviate from wedding norms is to get an abnormal gem, like any one on the following list. 

1. Emerald

   Nothing screams non-traditional like a green wedding ring. Emeralds are beautiful jewels that look great with any precious metal. Plus green is symbolic of many positive things like money, life, growth, and nature. Who doesn’t want growth and money in marriage? If you’re not a fan of green, don’t worry. Emeralds aren’t the only gem as glamorous as a diamond.


2. Colored Diamonds

   Even though many folks may want to be different, not all of them may be ready to let go of having a diamond ring. The solution to this dilemma is to get a different looking diamond. Also, you can still have the elegance of the diamond cuts, like brilliant round or marquise. This option comes in many colors, like blue, pink, and yellow. The next option also comes in multiple colors. 


3. Sapphire 

   Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham have had sapphire engagement rings, and both rocks were stunning. Sapphires are usually blue, which is a refreshing alternative to your typical clear or white diamond. Blue represents intellect and loyalty, and who doesn’t want that in a relationship? If blue isn’t your thing, you can always opt for pink, orange, purple, and other colors. As lovely as the next gem is, it doesn’t come in as many colors as sapphires.


4. Ruby 

   Rubies come in many shades of red, all you have to do is decide which one is ideal for your partner. Red is a great color, and it represents passion, love, and sexual energy. You get all that in one ring. A red jewel will look great with a bright gold band, and a suggestion for a matching bouquet would be a bunch of classic red roses. Rubies are a luxurious way to start a new tradition, but you don’t always need to spend a ton of money to be unique.

5. Cubic Zirconia

   This rock is inexpensive, but looks very similar to a diamond. Not everyone can afford a diamond, especially not the person writing this article. Even those who can may want to spend their money on other things, like housing or their honeymoon, and that’s perfectly reasonable. The material itself strays from tradition, but so can the color. Cubic zirconias can be multicolored, pink, green, and yellow. 

   These five lovely gems are only a few of the many you can pick for a ring as unique as your bond. Each relationship is different, so why is there only one typical wedding gem? In no way are we attempting to crap on a typical diamond engagement ring or those who want one; what we’re trying to say is that not everyone wants a diamond. That’s fine because we sell both diamond and non-diamond rings for the quirky and the traditional couples.