Best Cuts for a Solitaire Ring

   If a ring is only going to have one rock, it better be a damn good one. Solitaire rings can’t rely on the center gem being framed by a bunch of cute tiny ones or accentuated by side stones. A solitaire ring has to have a jewel that stands out on its own, and here are the best cuts that allow the lone rock to do just that. 


1. Brilliant round

   Since you saw this coming from a mile away, we’ll do it first. A brilliant round is mathematically designed for the diamond to be as sparkly as possible. Because of this and its classic look, it is one of the most in-demand diamond cuts on the market. Although brilliant rounds make good stones on their own, we have to admit they also look incredible with side stones and with a jewel-encrusted ring. When they’re alone or with side stones, they look great with any shade of gold, and they pair well with silver too. You can’t go wrong with this timeless cut, but if you like less traditional shapes, then you’ll love our second item on the list.


2. Heart

   What better way to propose to someone than with a diamond cut into the shape of a universally understood love symbol? We challenge you to think of a more romantic cut than the heart diamond. Since the cut is so unique, it does well by itself and looks anything but ordinary with or without extra gems. This cut also looks great with a colored diamond, specifically pink, or you could opt for a different jewel, like a ruby. No matter what color you get a heart diamond in, it’ll stand out, just like the next cut.


3. Oval

   Oval diamonds are gorgeous, and they’re a pretty durable cut since they have no vulnerable pointed edges. Although this one is less common than the heart shape, oval cut diamonds still look stunning by themselves, especially larger ones. Oval diamonds provide a simple yet luxurious beauty for your engagement rings. Oval diamonds are an understated type or pretty, and believe the same is true for our final pick


4. Emerald

   As the name implies, this cut is usually done for emerald jewelry, but just because it’s for another gem doesn’t mean it won’t look nice on a diamond. Emerald cut diamonds make the diamonds look bigger, and a large gem in itself screams luxury. Plus, the skinny cut makes your fingers look slim too, which is an added bonus. This cut is great by itself and needs no side stones to be both classy and showy, especially if it’s a bigger diamond. 

   We’re all about having extra jewels on any jewelry piece, but the folks at Goldie’s know that not everyone cares for so many jewels. However, we feel confident saying that one-gem people at least want the stone to look good, you know, since it’s the only one on the piece which makes it the focal point. The best one-gem rings have jewels that are big, unusual, sparkly, or two or more of those things.

Thumbnail from Wikimedia Commons