Anniversary Gifts by Year

Anniversary Gifts by Year

When it comes to anniversaries, you’ve likely heard of the traditional gifts that are assigned to each year. With gifts such as “paper” for your first anniversary or “wool” for your seventh, it may seem a bit lackluster to present such items to your loved one on your special day – tradition or not.

If the idea of giving a pair of wool socks as a gift on your seventh anniversary isn’t exactly going to pack the punch you were looking for, rest assured, there is a better option: anniversary gemstones. Yes, there are gemstone anniversary gifts by year, and they’re sure to bring a bigger smile than paper or wool.

First Anniversary: Gold

What better way to mark your first anniversary than with the everlasting beauty and value of gold? No matter what style you’re looking for, the versatility of gold is the perfect gift to symbolize your first year of marriage.

Second Anniversary: Garnet

The deep red hues of garnets are the gemstone gift for year two of marriage. Long said to be representative of the truest friendships and eternal trust, it’s the perfect gem to present to your loved one on your second anniversary.

Third Anniversary: Pearl

In Greek mythology, pearls were known as the “Tears of Joy” of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. They are also considered the ultimate symbol of purity and love. Is it any wonder then that pearls are the perfect anniversary gift?

Fourth Anniversary: Topaz

Long believed to be a sacred symbol of affection and true love, topaz gems were chosen for the fourth anniversary gift because of their history of love and well-wishes. It is said that those who wear topaz are guarded against illnesses and given clear site for the future.

Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphires have a history rich in royalty and culture and have long been cherished for their deep blue hues. During renaissance times, the beautiful gems became synonymous with trustworthiness and loyalty of its wearers. As such, it’s also the perfect wedding anniversary gift to mark five years of a lasting love.

Tenth Anniversary: Diamond

Your ten-year anniversary is a major milestone – an entire decade together deserves a gift that encapsulates your time together. Chosen for its symbolism representing lasting love and inner strength, diamonds are the perfect gift to honor your first ten years together as well as the rest of your time together. Is there anything more timeless than a diamond?

Fifteenth Anniversary: Ruby

Of all the gemstones out there, none represent lasting love and desire quite like the fiery glow of a ruby. Known as the gem of love and wisdom, rubies are also said to bring good luck to anyone who wears them. Giving the gift of a ruby to celebrate 15 years of marriage is to give the most infamous of all symbols of love.

Twentieth Anniversary: Emerald

The rarest of all gems, emeralds are the anniversary gift for twenty years. The lush green hues are said to bring about new life and a rebirth of the cycle of life and love. Could there be any more perfect item to represent two decades spent together with a renewed spirit for the next twenty years?