4 Signs It’s Time to Get Rid of Jewelry

   You might be surprised that a jeweler is telling you to get rid of jewelry. As much as the folks here at Goldie’s love jewelry, we can’t hold onto some pieces forever. Sometimes you’ve just got to let stuff go, and that’s perfectly fine. Also, once you get rid of the accessories that no longer serve you, you get to purchase stylish new ones. 


1. You don’t wear it 

   Pretty obvious, yet we don’t always get rid of the jewelry that never sees the light of day. We always think of excuses to keep it. Maybe you’ve said some of the following to yourself:

   “I’ll wear it someday.”

   “This is too cute to part with.”

   “But (insert person here) gave it to me.” (Okay, this one may be more understandable, especially if the person is deceased)

   “I’ll throw it out later.” 

   Stop making excuses and lying to yourself; sell, regift, or donate your pieces to someone who will get more use out of them. Also, get rid of the jewelry you won’t let yourself use too often. 


2. It’s too fragile to wear without worry 

   Ever have a pair of earrings or a necklace that you only wear if you’re not going out for too long? Also, do you only wear it on short outings because you think it might break or somehow fall off your body after a couple hours? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you probably need to get rid of some of your jewelry. Why have a bracelet or ring if you think it’ll break in a couple uses? Plus, why keep an accessory you think you’ll lose in the near future? We have no answer, since all fragile jewelry does is take up space in your closet. 


3. You need more living space 

   If you’re room is getting crowded with stuff, thinning out your jewelry box is a great way to thin out your living space. You may want to store other things in your jewelry box or get a smaller container for your accessories. Apartments and houses only give you so much space to keep things, so choose wisely. Keeping trinkets you don’t wear or feel uneasy wearing is not a good use of your home’s surface area. A good time to give away your rings and bracelets is when you’re moving and need the vehicle space to take your things to your house. A change of scenery is an ideal time to throw things out, and so is a change of your style.


4. You’re changing your look

   Getting tired of the things you wear all the time? Then get rid of them so you can stop wearing them all the time. If you’ve grown out of all your middle school jelly bracelets and want to start wearing more mature bands, get rid of the jelly bracelets. If most of your wardrobe clashes with your jewelry, one of those things will have to change, and jewelry is the easier one to modify. But if you’d like to switch out your clothing, you do you. 

   It’s not always easy to give up jewelry, but sometimes it has to be done. It can be hard at first, but it will benefit you in the end. Again, it also justifies getting newer and cuter accessories. The best times to rid yourself of your beads is when they don’t get used or when they crowd up your home.