The 4 Sexiest Jewelry Pieces

   We all know what sexy clothing looks like, but do y’all know what sexy jewelry looks like? If you answered no, then prepare to be amazed at how hot some scraps of metal and jewels can make a human being look. The jewelry we’re about to list isn’t the typical necklace and earrings combo, these accessories go on unexpected (but still safe for work) areas.

1. Body chain

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   Look at this cleavage-enhancing thing. A body chain is typically worn on the torso, which draws attention to the chest and waist. A piece like this would look great on top of a tight dress or crop top. Plus, body chains aren’t the most common piece of jewelry either, so you’ll stand out, which is part of being sexy. If this is a bit too much for you, then maybe you’ll like the next option. 


2. Waist chain

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   This is pretty much a necklace for your waist. It makes you look slimmer and draws attention specifically to the narrowest part of the waist to show off the wearer’s hourglass figure, abs of steel, or whatever they’ve got in the middle. A waist chain is basically a belt, but it is made more for bare skin like a piece of jewelry, whereas belts are for wearing over clothes. The upper body is full of potential for sexy jewelry, and waist chains aren’t the only piece.


3. Choker necklace 

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   We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a choker is a belt for your neck. A choker draws attention to neck slenderness, which makes you look more trim. Also, leather chokers like the ones pictured give a subtle BDSM vibe, which is sexy to those who are into that sort of thing. To make the vibe more noticeable, go for a choker with locks. Even if you’re more vanilla, you still have to admit that a good black/leather/embellished choker can really complete an outfit. Upper body jewelry can look hot, but so can jewelry for the lower body.

4. Thigh chain

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We challenge you to find an argument against the sexiness of the thigh chain. Thigh chains strongly resemble garters, which are a well-known lingerie piece. Anything that looks like lingerie has a high chance of looking sexy considering the many *ahem* connotations behind lingerie. Also, what human being looks bad in garters? Thighs are a sensual part of the body, and slapping jewelry over them brings attention to the area. Thigh chains go best with shorts, skirts, dresses, or could even be paired with lingerie.

   If you ever want to wear something that makes you feel sexy, don’t forget a hot piece of jewelry can be just as flattering as clothing. Better yet, put the both of them together. Sexy jewelry is such a subtle yet bold way to look hotter, because unlike clothing, these accessories don’t require you to show much, yet they draw attention to your silhouette.